• Mike Kenney

    (317) 459-8634

    I have worked in the insurance industry for 10 years. In that time I have been able to thrive in several different areas. This makes me more well rounded and better suited to offering comprehensive solutions to a prospective client. 

    I work closely with teachers in IPS while they are still employed and during their retirement years.  I offer 403(b) plans through Great American which are  fixed-indexed annuities which insulate them from the "ups and downs" of the markets.  I believe "slow and steady"  CAN win the race. 

    I offer these fixed-indexed annuities to anyone that is interested in a "Safe Money Place" for their retirement dollars. Along with protecting your assets through annuities, I offer life insurance (term, whole life and index universal life), individual health insurance, long term care and senior insurance products (Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D). 

    I also work with employers and have a very innovative way to help them keep their group health benefits affordable. You can learn more about my group benefits on the client services page.